Owing to scattered environmental management efforts and its ineffectiveness, the Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development (MoFALD) realized that it is necessary to integrate environmental consideration into local development plan and budget preparation process. In this backdrop, MoFALD prepared Environment Friendly Local Governance Framework (EFLGF) and was endorsed by the Government of Nepal in 2013. Based on the EFLG Framework, the MoFALD developed Environment Friendly Local Governance Programme (EFLGP) and implemented in 14 Districts, 54 Municipalities and 60 Village Development Committees under broader Local Governance and Community Development Program Framework since December 2014.  This programme is financially supported by Department of International Development (DFID).

It aims to implement the Programme by mobilizing grass root level social mobilizers funneling all the local governance and community development activities planned under MoFALD. The Programme is being launched in four cross cutting areas including environment safeguard, waste management, climate change adaptation, mitigation and disaster risk management. Since EFLGP covers most of the areas envisaged by LGCDP II, the indicators identified by EFLGP will be addressed by this Programme. All the development activities related to Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) launched in community develop area by different line partners such as NGOs and the private sectors will be coordinated and implemented through one window system. All the line agencies in the local level will also be coordinated and mobilized in the local level activities. Capacity development is one of the main activities visualized as a part of all the programmes.

This Programme is originated from the MoFALD intending to implement it through the grass root level and protect the deteriorated environment and safeguard the poor and vulnerable people from the climate change and related risks. Department for International Development (DFID) is interested to support this Programme and signed an agreement with the GoN through the LGCDP-II. This Programme is named as Environment Friendly Local Governance Programme (EFLGP) that designed to combat with climate change effect, disaster management and environment conservation aiming to build and climate change resilient society and protect environmental deterioration.

Programme Period

December 2014-July2017

Executing Agency

Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development

Implementing Agencies

  • Local Bodies
  • Local Offices of Sectoral Ministries

Supporting Agencies

  • Sectoral Ministries
  • Non-Government Organizations
  • Civil Society Organizations
  • Private Sector Organizations

Geographic Coverage

14 districts, 54 municipalities and 60 Village Development Committees

Financial Contribution

DFID 15 million Sterling Pound and matching fund from Government of Nepal

Sectors of Investment

1.Promotion of the joint sanitary landfill site

2.Maintain Database of all spring source within district and prepare their protection plan

3.Provide Improved Cooking Stove or Solar or Bio-gas maintenance training to 2/2 people from municipality and each VDC of district

4.Protection of open/barren land and expenses for planta­tion of trees on barren land and road side

5.Investment in river cutting areas for plantation of plants for erosion protection (Bio-engineering)

6.Investment on construction of public park

7.Investment for pond construction, protection of existing ponds and plantation around pond for greenery

8.Erosion/landslide control, spring source protection

9.Well and water small pond conservation & multipurpose pond construction

10.Bio-gas construction & construction of public toilet with attached bio-gas

11.Support for production of environment friendly bags

12.Preparation of bio-briquette

13.Promotion of water recharge system

14.Reuse of waste; investment on production of energy from waste

15.Support for construction of HH toilets for ultra-poor

16.Support for construction of community compost chamber in urban area

17.Support for Improved Cooking Stoves (ICS)

18.Construction of nursery in each of VDC & Munic­ipality

19.Installation of HH solar plant for rural HH (up to 20 watts)

20.Promotion of organic farming related activities

21.Installation of solar street light

22.Investment in school to promote environment aware­ness

23.Invest on cowshed improvement activities

24.Organic farming collection center

25.Construction of botanical garden


Implemented Districts

Project District

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