Steering Committee Members

A Steering Committee will be formed under the chairpersonship of the Joint Secretary of Environment and Municipal Management Division, MoFALD. Steering Committee will have the following members and it can invite related experts and representatives as and when it feels necessary for smooth coordination and operation of the programme. Program Manager of the program shall be represented in the various thematic groups of the LGCDP. Similarly, LGCDP Manager is included in the Steering Committee as a member. The arrangement helps establishing a close coordination between the two programs. The Steering committee composition will be as follows:


Joint Secretary/Municipal and Environment Management Division, MoFALD



Under Secretary, Ministry of Finance



Under Secretary, National Planning Commission



Under Secretary, Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment



Under Secretary, Ministry of Forest & Soil Conservation



Under Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture Development



Under Secretary, Ministry of Urban Development



Programme Manager, LGCDP/MoFALD



Under Secretary, Municipal Management Section, MoFALD



Under Secretary, Planning Section, MoFALD



Representative, DFID



Under Secretary, Environment Management Section, MoFALD


Roles and Responsibilities of Steering Committee

As an apex body for providing strategic guidance to EFLGP, the Steering Committee will have following roles and responsibilities.

  • Taking lead on coordination, guidance, and oversight of the EFLGP for implementing both at central and local levels and make strategic decisions and endorse the annual work plans, and review quarterly and annual progress.
  • The SC shall maintain close coordination with EFLG Central Implementation Coordination Committee
  • SC shall take necessary support from EFLG Central Implementation Coordination Committee in the capacity building for implementation of the EFLG Framework

SC shall support EFLG Central Implementation Coordination Committee in giving recommendation to the concerned institution to provide cash reward and honor to individual and organizations/institutions contributing considerably towards environmental protection, waste management, land-use and disaster management. SC will concentrate its’ strategic roles in achieving ultimate outcome and outputs that are articulated in RF and MoU with DFID


  • SC shall conduct at least four meetings in a year and review the quarterly progress status of the implemented programme (physical and financial progress). SC shall also review audit observations of the programme and donor’s comments on the programme and directs EMS/PMU accordingly.
  • SC shall have authority to decide for reallocation of budget based on the performance of the implementing agencies including DDC, which shall be done on the recommendation of EMS/PMU. The recommendation of EMS/PMU shall require to backup with adequate evidences that the funds are not being utilized or under-utilized causing delays for Programme Implementation and/ or unsatisfactory achievement of progress (less than 40 percent achievement till the second quarter of a fiscal year).
  • SC shall review proposed annual budget and programmes submitted by the EMS/PMU and endorse it to MoFALD to proceed for approval from the Ministry of Finance and National Planning Commission.
  • The deputed staff from GoN can be incentivized based on the work load and work performances on the basis of GoN rules and regulations.
  • SC shall supervise the performance of implementing agencies.

In recommendations of EMS, MoFALD may issues brief implementation guidelines to ensure smooth implementation of EFLGP at local level

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